From the Producers' Markets directly to the People

Encuentra24 Advertisement

We placed the Encuentra24 ad as part of the plan to build, finance and promote Local Markets.


Assistants will live in the premises with their family free of rent.

They will also receive a stipend of $200 twice a month.


Interns will have a chance to prove that they are eligible to receive training and capital investment to improve their efficiency

The Investors trust in micro investments secured by productive people starting their own family business.

Experienced project managers will teach the assistants how to use construction formaletas with nanomaterial additives.

Exclusive High Demand Products

Construction Interns will learn how to produces strong, insulated and lightweight partitions for modular Kiosks.

Revolutionary innovation makes the assembly of the Partitions quick, easy and cost effective.

Transporting modular kiosks with pickup trucks makes expansion plans easy and cost effective.

Local Market Details

3 Local Markets will open on January 24th, February 7th and February 21st of 2024.

All Properties are by the Carretera Interamericana near Pacora, Panamá Oeste and Chilibre. While in Preparation, the exact location of the three Properties will remain undisclosed.

Everyone Benefits

Direct P2P Collaborations benefit Investors, Service Providers, Suppliers, Buyers, Workers and Consumers

Performance dependent Earnings

Working people can earn a good living plus profits without a Boss or Government controls.

The design of Local Markets empowers people to have a job and build their own family business.

Why Nobody Cheats

Local Market Collaborators have a choice to use Dollars or Bitcoin.

Experienced Entrepreneurs and Investors know the technology and prefer to use Bitcoin.

It is safer than using cash or bank apps.

The purchasing power of Bitcoin is getting stronger while the dollar is losing value.

Learn more and Download a Free Bitcoin Wallet here

Test small amount transactions with friends and family.

You will understand how easy it is to use Bitcoin and make money by showing this technology to other people.

You will discover a New way for working people to build their financial independence.

Rapid Expansion Plans

We received an overwhelming number of respondents from all over Panama.

To accommodate more applicants, we decided to add more locations in more areas where Local Markets are needed

We recommend that you answer the questions bellow.

Your application will receive prompt attention.

You will discover a New way for working people to build their financial independence.

Get paid to work and learn innovative technologies.

Demonstrate with your Actions and Results that you are worth it and investors will come looking for you.

This is how this platform helps productive people find Capital and start a family business.

Please read this page carefully, answer all questions and provide details.

Decision makers only read responses from people who sign up, answer all questions, and provide additional feedback.

Do not respond on WhatsApp because the attendees do not have your private information that you entered in the form.

If you are accepted for training, investors will contact you directly.

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.
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